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It’s Simple…

In 1972, Hubie Mango opened a small pizzeria in Crestwood, IL: thus a legendary south side pizza was born. While attending DePaul University, Dino fell in love with the business. After graduation in 1984, with the investment of a professor, Dino & Debbie Pavoni purchased Mango’s Pizza.  Expansion into Orland Park, IL in 1988 proved the demand for this product was high. While in Orland, Dino had a vision to someday build free-standing drive thru units that focused on high quality pizza at a fast speed, which would make drive-thru pizza by the slice a possibility.

In 1998, Simply Slices became a reality. From 2000 to 2008, the Pavoni’s went north to Six Flags Great America. They honed their craft of providing the best quality pizza at a demandingly high rate of speed. Simply Slices huge success at a major theme park only fueled the desire to make our drive thru concept a first rate operation.

Simply Slices, a sleek concept that coupled with a great, legendary product, is now positioned to give its competition a run for its money. Simply slices is now on a path to position itself in its right place in the market: EVERYWHERE!

Say What?!

Everytime I make it home to the southside I have to stop for some slices. Everyone I’ve brought over the years has enjoyed it too. I’ve been eating here since 1998 and quality is still top notch!

Better than McDonalds, cleaner than Burger King, way shorter line than Portillo’s, and better for you than White Castle!!! Go there, you will like it!

This pizza is awesome!! They also have the best shaved ice in the world! You may think that you have already tried the best, but once you walk into this place you”ll surely think the other ice is garbage 🙂


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